The easy, lay-low braided bun is a great way to toss your hair up when you are in a hurry.

A low bun can seem a little drab after it has been done over and over and an easy way to update the style is adding a braid around it.
It jazzes up the casual bun and looks more complicated than the few minutes it took to throw it together.

Follow these steps to achieve the look: (photo tutorial included)

1 Begin with a deep side part and brush all the hair to that same side.

2 Draw a line straight down from the part to the nape of the neck.

3 Twist the back portion downwards.

4 Wrap the twist into a bun and secure with a hair pin.

5 Braid the leftover section down to the ends and secure with an elastic band.

6 Wrap the braid around the bun.

7 Secure the braid around the bun with hair pins.

8 Done!

To keep the style in place, mist with hairspray.
Loosen a few strands around the face for a casual look.

tutorial shared from original post: EASY “LAY-LOW” BRAIDED BUN BY MELISSA COOK