Well now…
Apparently today is my Blogging Anniversary.


2 years ago, on this day, I registered an account simply for a private journal…of the virtual type.
As I mentioned in my piece last week regarding my “Blogging purpose”, my intentions have transformed into something new and while a bit more intimate than my comfort zone allows, exciting nonetheless.

Now, I’m going to tell you a story. Because, when I think of 2 years ago, this is all I remember…

When I registered with WordPress, I was in the midst of a life-altering few months where I’d lost all of my grandparents, and inherited the responsibility of being the soul emotional support to my fully-termed pregnant, recovering narcotic addict cousin.
I was suddenly a lifeline to someone whilst my own was f one forever, as was my will to live.
But then, one January evening, I stood in the delivery room and fought the fight for my cousin to deliver her baby the way she truly wanted, with her own strength.

When the exhaustion took over, and the hormones were pulsating thru every remark she spat,

I stood and I coached,
I cheered and I scolded,
I fought for that baby to come into this world,
and had my arms ready to hold her all night when her mother was too tired.

my cousin couldn’t remember her own begging and pleading,
nor the curses and threats,
but she did remember that I stood there.
For her.
For her baby.
For the ones that couldn’t be there.

two years have passed,
a relapse,
Jail time,
and a deeply rebellious 2 year old that my family is trying to hold on to…
I’m still grateful for that day.
That is what I remember when reminded of 2 years ago.