Today’s assignment: add and/or customize two widgets, one text-based and one image-based )or a short post).

Now since I’m feeling pretty comfortable with my sidebar,
The other prompt within this assignment was to draft a short post today….

…. …. …. ….
Challenge Accepted.

What I’m going to post today is a poetic sentiment, which I wrote… probably a full moon cycle prior.

The Sight
I’ve seen what I’d prayed would not happen, when holding out for what I always thought would never falter, I had the faith… 
I was apparently, so very wrong, and ever so naive…
The torch I carry,
whose light enveloped you in security,
Which I gave my own wellbeing in exchange for,
Has dropped from my shaking hands.
You’ll have to make your own light now.

Your Clairsentient,
no more.

[The Schizo Effect]