Today’s assignment: publish a post based on your own, personalized take on a Daily Prompt.

For this assignment, I’m going to reference what I’ve shared in previous posts mixed with new, in hopes of painting a more comprehensive view of what I feel;

…while I’ve had my blog for 2 years, prior to beginning this blogging101 course, I had merely been winging it.
….I have only recently begun to feel the sense of kinship and community that I hadn’t realized I was missing. It’s been an infinitely enhanced experience.
…..I’m slowly finding the comfort in sharing the side of myself that no one has met, the one I feel the need to keep hidden deep inside.

As Hamlet said to Ophelia, “God has given you one face and you make yourself another.”
The battle between these two halves of identity,
who we are
& who we pretend to be,
is unwinable.

There are two sides to every person…
One that we reveal to the world,
and another we keep hidden inside.
A duality governed by the balance of light and darkness,
right and wrong,
acceptance and denial.
Within each of us is the capacity to house both,
but oftentimes we only nurture one.
Those of us who learn to blur the dividing line,
hold the true power.

There is no “i” in “team”
But there’s an “i” in “Tim,”
and my friend Jose pronounces it “team.”

*(referencing words said to Ophelia in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.)