So… Its been a bitter bitch of a weekend thus far… And I hear it’s only going to get more unbearable.
I’m going to give you the run down of said weekends goings on, utilizing my storytelling gift to paint a picture with words.

Sat night…
     Temp is at/below 20°
     50 mph wind gusts,

     The power going out,

directly followed by-
      the neighbor’s yard catching fire and quickly being enveloped  in flames and smoke.

We finally get the generator hooked up successfully which powers the living room,
and all hunker down for the night on the floor…

the temp drops further
   and hovers in the teens thru the night,

          But of course,
the generator broke during the night.

The fire was a result of one of the huge poles housing the transformers  that run like a highway behind our houses was decimated. It came crashing down and with it, all the power lines dropped into the yards like a bomb with a hair trigger.

Our neighbor had a shed full of firewood as this is his income,
but is also what subsequently ignited the fire in the field behind our houses.

Quite terrifying when the wind is blowing so hard the embers were tossed in our yard,
and we couldn’t see anything
because it was mixed with blizzard-conditions…
so I had everyone bundled in case & was waiting to evacuate.
Now, in an effort expedite the restoration of power for heat, the power company bypassed the demolition derby section of the poles, then began rebuilding the structural damage.

The problem lies in what’s next.
The forecast is impending doom.
Winter Storm Ophelia (I believe is the name) is barreling in as I type, and her +1 to this party is Arctic Air to the tune of -13° at night.
I fear with the already fragile power supply, we have only hours before we succumb to the deep freeze.

I’m pleading to the heavens for a little mercy, as i have 2 tiny humans and multiple animals with zero all inclusive options.

For further clarification… There is also this dude’s announcement
…don’t play with me, God…

Major Winter Storm to Hit Virginia on Monday Febr…