Well…I think i just lost more blood than when donated to the blood bank.

I was leaning over to put my shoes on and when I straightened up to talk to my youngest daughter, all I saw was shock….
“Mom, you have blood on your nose”..
I asked her to run and get me a tissue, which she did, but it ended up being a pointless act as the blood began pouring from my head.

As a child, I remember getting nose bleeds and sitting in the infirmary pinching my nose, with my head leaned back for what felt like hours.
Later, the treatment changed to tucking my chin to my chest for the allotted time.

Tonight, neither course of action provided results and my nose was not the only exit from which it ran out.

My children, I could not shield, and the terror on their faces was enough to stop my heart.  There was nothing I could do.

One day, I hope, this will not be something that haunts their thoughts or taints the good memories I wish for them to hold close.