I am literally depressed over the fact that Stephen Amell is married.  How fucked is that?
I’m obsessed with the show The Arrow… And fell hopelessly in love with his character… During my cyber-stalk, I found that he is older than me (yay) and (to my utter devastation), married.
Ugggg… I can’t have a twinkle in my eye over a married man! That never goes well.
Lets be honest, I’ve already been tossed aside once (a bond which I believed would withstand multiple years & countries of separation, but unfortunately proved that I’m the only person with that amount of strength & restraint), and it would be impossible for another person to have that amount of hold on my heart.

At this point in my life, I’m opting for beauty over substance. LOL

There is no room left in the devastation for anything more.
Sad, but true.
I’ve been ruined.



Ps.. Dear Future Husband,
If Amell ever gets divorced… He is my hall pass.