The Schizo Effect

my favorite color is no pants


Magnificent Oblivion

Then this comes in….

Gavin Degraw- Where You Are


Adele’s new album & how I relate…
Almost every track somehow brings me back to the one
The one that feined the lifelong bond that I (still) possess…
Only to show that outside of the “box”, I was never truly worth it.

[insert recent photo of my dramatically aged features after devastation]


I sadly now refer to the one as Premature Evacuation

Undo It… Hard

Every F’n Day

We are more than our scars

Her name isn’t Jolene, however…

And one Whiskey Lullaby for you, Captain

Whiskey Lullaby

I’ll love him til I die

Come to my window

Run and hide your crazy

Run and hide your crazy & start acting like a lady

I have a list of Songs I Can’t Listen To…cuz of you

Because of you… I have a list of Songs I Can’t Listen To…

Nothing applies

In one of the stars I shall be living.
In one of them I shall be laughing.
And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing,
when you look at the sky at night …
— only you —
will have stars that can laugh.

Antoine De Saint-Exupery’s “The Little Prince”

“To This Day” is a project based on a spoken word poem written by Shane Koyczan,
(watch the final result here: To This Day
to further explore the profound and lasting impact that bullying can have on an individual.

I was embraced by our tree

{My personal message}
·.·°·The community created during this project and the end result is, by far, the most insightful example of the lifelong damage done during adolescence.
“Kids are Mean”
They had to learn their behavior from somewhere, obviously under the impression their actions are condoned.
It only takes one.
One person to target another, and their entire group of friends follow suit.
The deep-seeded insecurities I carry with me, are debilitating in the sense that I struggle with self confidence in all aspects of my life. And honestly, those that I’ve given my whole self, confident they wouldn’t destroy me, abandoned their vow to me in the end, anyway.

I’ll never be the girl everyone wants, because I’ve never been good enough.

I even have roadblocks as an adult in my career, social, and personal life.·.·°·

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This is my FIGHT song
My power’s turned on
This is my FIGHT song
Cuz Ive still got a lot of fight left
In me

keep it down
…lest you awaken the beast
The Schizo Effect

Always Be My Baby

Always Be My Baby

keep it down
…lest you awaken the beast
The Schizo Effect

It makes me miss you more…

What are you waiting for…

Magnificent Oblivion

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my favorite color is no pants

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my favorite color is no pants


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