The Schizo Effect

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#new music

Turn it up Tuesday

Check out these new songs…

Mama Said by Lukas Graham

NO by Meghan Trainor

Is good stuff!

WHITE PRIVILEGE II – return of the Mack



Adele’s new album & how I relate…
Almost every track somehow brings me back to the one
The one that feined the lifelong bond that I (still) possess…
Only to show that outside of the “box”, I was never truly worth it.

[insert recent photo of my dramatically aged features after devastation]


I sadly now refer to the one as Premature Evacuation


Mow your damn lawn and Sit the hell down

NEW #MusicMonday

This is my current playlist of the most recent releases that (in my opinion) are noteworthy.
Emphasis this week on summer

That’s how you know you(`ve) messed up

Every F’n Day

Complete June (NEW Music) Playlist



It’s time.

Somethings gotta give

I pick my poison, and its you


This is my FIGHT song
My power’s turned on
This is my FIGHT song
Cuz Ive still got a lot of fight left
In me

keep it down
…lest you awaken the beast
The Schizo Effect



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#Musicmonday (mumford and sons)

Wilder Mind (Deluxe) by Mumford & Sons
Best Track: Only Love

Don’t let this one slip through the cracks.

#newmusic this week’s playlist

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my favorite color is no pants

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my favorite color is no pants


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