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Olēka: The Awareness of How Few Days Are Memorable

Our lives are built of the same few notes, repeated over and over. It’s not a grand symphony, full of surprises. It’s a song sung in canon, that simply carries on, until the tune gets stuck in your head. But then the verse changes over, and for the life of you, you can’t remember how it’s supposed to go.

NEW #MusicMonday

This is my current playlist of the most recent releases that (in my opinion) are noteworthy.
Emphasis this week on summer


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The Man Who Built WordPress Sleeps Six Times a Day

Are you busy?
Well, there’s one busy man who built a billion-dollar company, but the difference is that he slept for 6 times every single day.
We grow up into thinking that too much sleeping is bad. It makes us feeling exhausted, and of course, it reduces our productivity. After all, what else can you do when you’re sleeping?

But Matt Mullenweg is trying to prove that wrong by not only sleeping for more than 5 times a day but also by building WordPress and Automattic, which is now valued at several million dollars in the market. If you’re not familiar with WordPress, then know that more than 20% of websites you see are powered by it.
That’s how influential he is in both tech and the world.

Mullenweg is an advocate of polyphasic sleep or sleeping for more than once a day.
A person who sleeps once a day is called a follower of monophasic sleep. On the other hand, if you take siestas in the afternoon, then you adhere to a type of polyphasic sleeping.

Polyphasic sleeping is not a new concept. People in Spain have been doing it religiously for many years. In fact, they have one of the longest lunches in the world, as workers usually spend a good amount of their time lounging, resting, and napping after their lunchtime meal.

Mullenweg also cited the fact that before people didn’t sleep for straight hours at night. Rather, during the days when there was still no electricity to power lights, people slept at sundown and wake up in the middle of the night to meet with friends or even to make babies.

WordPress’s founder, however, is taking the polyphasic sleep to a whole new level by following the Uberman technique, the same one followed by Tim Ferriss, the best-selling author of Four-hour Workweek. He also interviewed Mullenweg to talk about his sleeping habits.

In Uberman, Mullenweg divides his sleep into 6 times, each lasting for about 30 minutes. In between sleep is about 4 hours of being awake.
The logic is that this practice helps you make the most of REM (restorative dream phase). Mullenweg, however, warns that missing even one of these naps may disturb your body clock and wreak havoc to your day.

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NEW music

#widn Wednesday

Music Monday I will share my current fav track #widn Wednesday a photo/video of me, sharing #WIDN (what I’m doing now) Sunday Sliders each Sunday, I will publish a post containing my favorite snapshots from the previous week, displayed as a slideshow. feature frenzy

Award Nominations

I must apologize sincerely for the turn around time it took to accept your nomination… Its been quite the heartwrenching week (or 2)
That being said, Thank you so much A Mommas View for the nomination of both the Real Neat Blog Award and the Premio Dardos Award.

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I’ve been nominated for a few awards & quite honestly, I was so struck and humbled that it took me a while to wrap my head around it! Ha! So many thanks to my new friends for feeling my work deserved these nominations ❤
I’m working on the instructions one by one so the posts are to follow shortly….

Blogging101: blogs i heart

Today’s assignment: share a few links you love.

In no certain order, below I’ve included the blogs & links to those which I have been frequenting most often…
This list includes bloggers that I’ve formed a bond, if you will, a blogger’s kinship.

I recommend each of you to visit these blogs, as I’m confident you will find them as captivating as have I, thus far.

* ….Blogroll…
* …I mean DRUMroll…
* …Please…

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Blogging101: opinion by prompt

Today’s assignment: publish a post based on your own, personalized take on a Daily Prompt.

For this assignment, I’m going to reference what I’ve shared in previous posts mixed with new, in hopes of painting a more comprehensive view of what I feel;

…while I’ve had my blog for 2 years, prior to beginning this blogging101 course, I had merely been winging it.
….I have only recently begun to feel the sense of kinship and community that I hadn’t realized I was missing. It’s been an infinitely enhanced experience.
…..I’m slowly finding the comfort in sharing the side of myself that no one has met, the one I feel the need to keep hidden deep inside.

As Hamlet said to Ophelia, “God has given you one face and you make yourself another.”
The battle between these two halves of identity,
who we are
& who we pretend to be,
is unwinable.

There are two sides to every person…
One that we reveal to the world,
and another we keep hidden inside.
A duality governed by the balance of light and darkness,
right and wrong,
acceptance and denial.
Within each of us is the capacity to house both,
but oftentimes we only nurture one.
Those of us who learn to blur the dividing line,
hold the true power.

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Blogging101: sidebar satisfaction

Today’s assignment: add and/or customize two widgets, one text-based and one image-based )or a short post).

Now since I’m feeling pretty comfortable with my sidebar,
The other prompt within this assignment was to draft a short post today….

…. …. …. ….
Challenge Accepted.

What I’m going to post today is a poetic sentiment, which I wrote… probably a full moon cycle prior.

The Sight
I’ve seen what I’d prayed would not happen, when holding out for what I always thought would never falter, I had the faith… 
I was apparently, so very wrong, and ever so naive…
The torch I carry,
whose light enveloped you in security,
Which I gave my own wellbeing in exchange for,
Has dropped from my shaking hands.
You’ll have to make your own light now.

Your Clairsentient,
no more.

[The Schizo Effect]

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