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Say NO to Bullies

it is not justified to spew venom on someone that has hurt you, neither is it attractive. Look inside yourself and know you walk in the light, because assuming you will maintain your wellbeing after your darkness simply because you “plan” to ask for forgiveness…. well, God will deal with premeditated actions.

Teenage Boys should be institutionalized

…unless of course, they have an image ability to maintain their composure and abide by the manners instilled during childhood.

Today’s example:
I’m picking up my little girl’s shoes from the yard as they run barefoot toward their friend across the field.

Teenage Boys drive by…
They commence their habitual hollering and cat-calling as I subsequently ignore them.


Boys: it smells like cum!
(then… singing) Cum baby cum

Keep in mind my 4 & 9 year old are right-bloody-here, in the yard.

Me: then go wash your hands

Boys: (stupid face, no words)

Me: that just happened.
But hey, Next time you roll through here, you might consider keeping your mouths shut to avoid having to explain a busted window to daddy’s car.

Boys: gone.

Waste of space.

Adjust your sails… Was about ME

See post from Sept 1, 2014 above…
I feel so insignificant, used, and betrayed 馃槬

Nothing applies

In one of the stars I shall be living.
In one of them I shall be laughing.
And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing,
when you look at the sky at night …
— only you —
will have stars that can laugh.

Antoine De Saint-Exupery’s “The Little Prince”

“To This Day” is a project based on a spoken word poem written by Shane Koyczan,
(watch the final result here: To This Day
to further explore the profound and lasting impact that bullying can have on an individual.

I was embraced by our tree

{My personal message}
路.路掳路The community created during this project and the end result is, by far, the most insightful example of the lifelong damage done during adolescence.
“Kids are Mean”
They had to learn their behavior from somewhere, obviously under the impression their actions are condoned.
It only takes one.
One person to target another, and their entire group of friends follow suit.
The deep-seeded insecurities I carry with me, are debilitating in the sense that I struggle with self confidence in all aspects of my life. And honestly, those that I’ve given my whole self, confident they wouldn’t destroy me, abandoned their vow to me in the end, anyway.

I’ll never be the girl everyone wants, because I’ve never been good enough.

I even have roadblocks as an adult in my career, social, and personal life.路.路掳路

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My wings

You made me feel like I mattered.
More than that, You made me feel like I was special.
You made me believe,
You made me love,
To believe what was shared was a unique- unbreakable- earthbending connection which would never dissipate.
Love is faith.
And hold on to that love through even everything,
Through separation,
Through loss,
Through signs,
Through silence,
Through facing my own mortality.

Now the thing that got me through hell and back…
Is laughing in my face.

And the Angels cry…
Now, I’ve earned my wings.

The reaping

Nobody鈥檚 Prayers Have Been Answered 鈥

Chevy Chase and Beverly D鈥橝ngelo will be reprising their roles from the popular series of Vacation movies which came out before cell phones were invented and everybody figured they鈥檇 die from The AIDS or The Bomb so laughs came cheap. Chevy Chase has put on a few pounds since the original. Ed Helms and Christina *Applegate will be joining the cast and they鈥檒l really pop off the screen when you purchase this On Demand at 2 am when you鈥檙e shit faced and black out half way through. Two weeks later your girlfriend will suggest you watch it and you鈥檒l have to suffer through it a second time with a vague recollection that it sucks and none of the women get naked like they did in the 80鈥瞫. At least you can predict the plot. It鈥檚 hard to find any positives here but I鈥檓 pretty sure the crew will be refusing to eat lunch with Chevy. Hollywood used to have big ideas. Now they big actors in sequels. If you pay for Paul Blart 2, you鈥檙e part of the problem.

Copyright (infringements)?

Here’s the thing,
I need input from my fellow bloggers… as I’m quite honestly, hurt and afraid.

I enrolled in Photography 101 for the month of March and I’m truly enjoying the daily prompts 馃檪

I had previously taken the Blogging 101 course in January which reclaimed my focus from the blah status in which my blog was holding strong.

Ok, back to the present.
Each evening, The Daily Prompt sends their email containing the following day’s assignment.
I copy the bulk of the email and insert it into my post as a “quotation” from the prompt.

For Day 13 caught,
the assignment was to capture something in motion.
I decided to use a shot that I took of my daughter’s dog, mid-roll in the yard.
As I have mentioned, I took the body of the email & quoted it in my post, detailing the assignment, then inserted my image as the “featured image”.

I have since received threatening comments insisting that I’ve stolen the image.
Obviously, this is my dog. She’s been in numerous photos in the past, as well as recent video mixes recently.

What do I do?
I’m not super knowledgeable in the way of blogging platform procedures, so I’m just seeking a little guidance.

Thank you in advance to anyone that may come to my aid.

My Pain. To This Day

Spoken Poem

A Message to Humanity

That’s what exhilarates

Ring- Mint Royale

keep it down
…lest you awaken the beast

KING KONG 路Who else needs this today?

Can’t shake it…. DeStorm

Fighting a losing battle,
because I’m still in the stage where I don’t have the capability to fully take care of myself/my responsibilities,
so I’m forced to rely on others (gasp) with the willingness & ability to step in as my substitute,
and take over my responsibilities.
Although not one of the aforementioned supports have a comprehensive understanding or desire to gain said knowledge regarding who and what I truly am.
So… I feel like I will forever be painfully alone until the loss inside is replaced with an inevitable black void.
But really, I don’t have any,other course of action or way to live.

the offering

The debris has settled.
I’m not yet certain you’ve seen thru the dust
seen the truth
realized the offering…
If you’ve seen my willingness to endure,
in essence,
a trade of sorts.
All for this purpose.
To take on yours,
and set you free.
Now fly.
Fly high.
Soar above the wreckage.
find a haven…
Where you are free to expand your mind,
To your fullest wing span.
No inhibitions
Your only limitation being that which you give yourself.
Now show the world what you’ve got.



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