The Schizo Effect

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What I would give

When I was a kid, a thought of my parents not being around wasn’t even a star in my solar system.
They were there.
They would always be there.
Hounding me on my grades,
Hasseling me about doing my chores,
The mindless…life, of it all.
I would give anything for the boring.
Everything for the hassle.



Saying goodbye

Even though I stayed with her when she passed, waiting in silent sorrow, a steady flow of tears streaming down my face like liquid betrayal, until they came to collect her and take her away forever…
Today was the day I was to say goodbye.
Today was the day to celebrate what she’s given to everyone…
This is my contribution; multiple canvases in an array of sizes, arranged by age.
This was mid-work…

Small canvases
Rectangular canvas

A Devastating Loss

I’ve lost my favorite person.

The only one to ever accept and love ALL of who I am;
the good, the bad, and the questionable.
:········\     /········:

··°·.SHE brought me to life, and I heard her heartbeat from the inside···
···Never will there be a soul more deserving of life,
··but hers was taken abruptly leaving her no chance to fight.
···She nurtured me as a child, ··and comforted me when I cried.
···She supported me as I became an adult,
··but she also would tell me when I was at fault.
···She never pulled punches or held back her tears.
···She was honest, warmhearted, and wise beyond her years.

°°··…I love you Mom…··°°



I refuse to let her go.

Lost cause

This pain is an open wound.
Not a wound that could be covered with a bandaid.
Not just a simple surface wound either,
But rather a jagged tearing of flesh that has bled into every other crevice and dried and cracked
Just when you think it may begin to heal,
its ripped apart again with the outpouring being heavier each time
They surface may eventually appear put back together,
But just underneath the surface is scar tissue so thick and deep that the return of any feeling is a lost cause.

My mother has been sick for a while, then over the past few weeks she got really ill really fast. Tommy just got the test results and the doc said she has stage 4 cirrhosis of the liver. There is nothing they can do.

I don’t know what is going to happen to me or my kids without her in our lives.


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Dear World Wide Web, I need your well wishes

Or good thoughts,
Or prayers,
Or anything you would openly give to me.

to live.

With No Cancer.

Anything else… I can handle.


Life Lesson

Gently placing your finger on someone’s lips and saying “Shh, no more talking” is super romantic

…but cops don’t seem to think so

I just don’t have enough middle fingers for today.

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my favorite color is no pants

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my favorite color is no pants


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